Shell I: etching with chine collé, EV 25. This image was made from a photograph of my daughter just before she had a series of 25 radiotherapy treatments for a brain tumour. The tightness of the image shows how we both felt: constrained and rigid. There is a second series showing how we felt after the treatment.

Spurn I ; two colour etching with aquatint, sugar lift and spit bite; EV 2/20
Rupert and “The One“; photo etching; AP/3
The Sorider and the Sofa; photocopy transfer etching; 1/5. A print made in response to a text message from my terrified daughter-in-law to my son
Spider 3; photocopy transfer etching; 1/5

A series of etchings, some a la poupée, some with chine collé