Shell II: cyanotype with gold leaf and foil, EV 25. This edition was made using the shell that had held my daughter’s head still whilst she underwent 25 days of radiotherapy. They follow an edition of 25 etchings – the image for which is tight and constrained, how we both felt whilst she was undergoing treatment. This series shows the looseness of the tumour shrinking, hopefully to disappear.

Hanging by a thread; cyanotype and thread; EV15
Journey of a brain tumour; cyanotype; 1/5. Printed using my daughter’s radiotherapy shell
A monoprint taken from my body
A full-sized monotype; acrylic on paper. This has to be a favourite. I covered my front and sides with cheap acrylic paint – brown, with the view that if it stained me I’d look as though I’d mis-applied fake tan, rather than, say, a Smurf if I’d used blue. Then I plonked myself on a huge sheet of cartridge paper. Note to self: if I ever do it again, plan my route to the shower a little better.

Bedford Square; collograph. I was walking to get printing supplies and came across a tree which had grown right through the railings. Fascinating.

Collograph. Plate made with threads and object found in the studio.