A lot of my work, in various media, is around Spurn. I have collected everything onto this page.

“Mind the Gap”

I have spent some three or four years taking photographs on the tube – of men taking more than their fair share of space at the expense, frequently, of their female neighbours. The book comprises 20 pages and front and back covers in a concertina form. The men’s identities have been hidden, and the images have cryptic comments beneath them. An edition of 30.

I was absolutely thrilled when this book was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, especially following the shortlisting of Spurn last year. Woop woop!

People Along the Sand: a piano hinge book, printed on Japanese washi paper; cartridge spine with map of Spurn Head and names of some of the people featured in the book. It shows the some of the people who once lived on Spurn, and tells a little of their lives.

Street S**t is a double-sided concertina book of etchings printed on either Fabriano or Somerset paper. Edition of five. The images come from a short journey of two parts: walking from CityLit to Holborn Station and from Dollis Hill Station to my home. I collected detritus en route and started to make comparisons – for example laughing gas capsules (H) and children’s dummies (DH); a used condom (H) and a burst balloon (DH). The tube roundels signal the start of progress; if you begin here and have the book, concertina-like, going away from you, the visible pages show objects from that station’s journey – view from the opposite end to see the other journey. Facing pages show paired objects from the respective journeys.


This textile book based on the people and history of Spurn, a spit of land at the mouth of the River Humber, was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2020. Joy!

Spurn; a textile book, mixed media and stitch. Full description is here
Journey of a tumour; cyanotye, 1/5. Small images made with my daughter’s radiotherapy shell
Malevolent Growth: My daughter and I deal with medical problems by looking at them from every angle possible. At the prospect of brain surgery (for her), I worked on a small book, looking at how she might have been treated had she lived in a different age. The surgery was successful, and, following radiotherapy and IVF treatment, she had a son, Alfie. The blank page is for me to add a medieval picture of him!
Allotment; mixed media, hand and machine stitch, collage and applique, print, findings. The path shows the journey through our allotment, going through the various beds, showing the old fox who visits us, the robin who sits on the spade, the train at the bottom, whose driver often waves, and my husband changing his boots at the end of the day
A small bookmark made for a friend – a keen reader
and member of several book clubs; she can write
notes on the pages of the book.
Hand printed cover, wrapping paper.
Small selection of books made with monoprinted paper
Tall flag book
Remains; a small pocket book with cover and wallet.
Monoprinted with lace. Pockets filled with prints and lace.