textiles2020 show at Espacio Gallery

We made it! We picked (luckily) the only week that Espacio were able to remain open. I wasn’t able to be there, so I set up a website with a gallery page which launched at exactly the same time as the physical show opened. Apparently we had a good number of visitors, and respectable sales. The show features on the textiles2020 website here.

I showed my book and six sailors’ duffle bags, a wall hanging. The other books were not available physically because of Covid19 restrictions. We we all felt really pleased to have rounded off our course in such a positive way and have decided to become a permanent exhibiting group. A successful outcome!

Advanced Textiles class is back at CityLit!

After working remotely, with Zoom tutorials, our Advanced Textiles class is back at CityLit – with all COVID19 precautions in place. Unfortunately I haven’t been there in person yet – am still trying to get my strength and energy back – but it’s been great to see what the others have been doing. And I’m still being supported on Zoom, thanks to Louise and Lara.

We’re all working towards our exhibition at Espacio from 8th December. Watch this space!

Veronica Thornton working on her beautiful piece about coastal erosion

September challenge

September has been a very tricky month, especially during this year of pandemic. I was admitted to hospital on 21st August and, apart from one day, I spent more than a month there. What helped keep me motivated during that time was an Instagram textile challenge by @seam_collective – finding images and explanations to fit the daily keyword certainly challenged my brain cells – and family photographic skills!

Spurn textile notebook

Rather than carry my large sketchbook around, I made this small sketchbook (I’m also a bookmaker) and filled it with ideas. A couple of pages left for more samples, as the ideas come to me. It’s pocket sized, as are the pieces I’m currently making.

Spurn Head

I became fascinated with Spurn Head – a narrow spit of land located at the mouth of the River Humber – some years ago after a workshop with textile artist, Alice Fox, who had a residency there. She had produced a couple of books about it, and showed me examples of her rusting work.

I didn’t know it then, but I was to become hooked.

You’ll see throughout this website how much one visit, one book, have affected what I do!